Large Mouth Bass Fishing, Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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Lake Atitlán Largemouth Bass fishing history
and general information.

Aside from the many other recreational activities available, Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán offers one of the most challenging largemouth bass lakes in the world.  This clear water lake, situated in the highlands of Guatemala at an altitude of over 5,100 feet (1,562 meters) above sea level with a depth of more than 1,000 feet (320 meters), is quite different from most lakes holding largemouth bass not only because of these features but also because of thermal warming created by underwater vents from the three volcanoes on the west side of the lake.  Although this lake has produced bass in the 20 lb class, bass over 5 lbs are rarely caught because the large ones spend most of their time deep except during the spring spawn.

Bass were introduced to Lake Atitlán in 1958 with assistance from Pan American Airlines in the hopes of attracting bass anglers.  Although this plan never developed beyond the stocking of the bass, local anglers frequently catch them up to the 5 lb class on rod and reel.  The best time of year seems to be March-May before and after spawning, but bass are caught year round on a variety of artificial lures.  While spinner baits are effective and the most commonly used, top water lures are quite productive early in the morning or just before sunset.

Fishing excursions available.

Lake Atitlan visitors now have the opportunity to fish for largemouth bass in this beautiful lake.  Several excursion options are available.  Morning boat trips are available from Panajachel.  Afternoon boat trips are available from Santiago Atitlan.  Shore fishing tours are also available.  All equipment is provided along with instruction from the guides.  Guides speak English and Spanish.  For additional information about Lake Atitlan  bass fishing call (502) 7762-2428 or e-mail us at