Welcome to Panajachel's health food store. We offer a wide variety of the most current alternative all natural solutions for your health and nutritional needs such as herbal remedies for many ailments, vitamins, minerals, spices, nourishing foods, health books, herbal teas, essential oils, incense and a wide variety of products such as crystals, meditative aids, original paintings by local artists as well as an assortment of handcrafted gifts by local artisans.
Plants are the oldest form of medicine containing the power to supply the body's life force with the energy it needs to restore and maintain optimum health. Through holistic health and alternative healing you will achieve a higher level of vitality and better living. Our goal is to provide these essential products to all our customers. Come, visit, browse and ask questions. We are here to help!

We are conveniently located in
The "Plaza El Patio" on
Panajachel's Calle Santander
Next to the"Chinitas Restaurant"
Tel: (502) 5720-5725
e-mail: linnetcare@yahoo.com
Open 6 days a week

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